Completed Projects

ACES is proud of the work that it has completed to date. For example, ACES has conducted the following evaluation projects:

  • Developing a survey examining the training and educational needs of community health workers across the State of NJ
  • Developing the research and evaluation plan for a qualitative study examining the barriers to prenatal care for low income women in 8 northern NJ counties. The final report was submitted to the State of NJ Department of Health and provided recommendations for how to improve access to care for pregnant women.
  • Conducting an evaluation of a home visitation program on birth outcomes for women of color in Baltimore, MD
  • Developing the research and evaluation plan for a 3 year longitudinal  study of a group prenatal care program implemented by the March of Dimes
  • Conducting interviews with health care providers, non-profit leaders, and health department employees to understand how they work together to improve the health of their local community
  • Developed an evaluation plan and provided technical expertise on how to best collect data from  continuing education activities provided by the American Public Health Association